The Company

Cadalow Halal Meats Ltd. was incorporated in 2007.  We provide certified poultry, beef, bison, fish and goat and sheep meat to restaurants and supermarkets across Alberta.  Our facilities consist of an onsite 10,000 square feet refrigeration storage.  We complete the certification process onsite and have inhouse butchers for meat order preparation.  Cadalow understands the growing Halal demand for meat and has a one day turn around and delivery to your door to ensure quality and food safety regulations are met.



  • Calgary Halal Monitoring Certification(CHMC) for Poultry
  • (403) 869-4141

Omar Farah

Serving the Community

The Farah family began  in 2007 with one truck and small refrigeration unit delivering within Calgary   His family has been in the food industry with a combined experience of over a 100 years.  Since it’s inception, Omar has grown Cadalow Halal Meats Ltd. to become the largest Halal Meat wholesaler in Alberta.  Omar has developed a strong relationship within the Alberta community. Cadalow Halal Meats is a commercial whole sale provider.


To provide consistent high quality halal meat to both commercial and customers’ expectations.